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Personal Events



Planning an event can be extremely stressful and time consuming. There are details and tasks that are sometimes forgotten of or mistaken.  

With all the many logistics to do and etiquette details to remember, Why not let us as professionals handle while you relax, experience and enjoy?

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An events distinctive design is what will leave guests remembering, speaking of and wishing of return to as each guest is affected by each their senses.  

How the event's perfect lighting highlights to showcase each detail, the smells lingering leaves a memorable affect, the fabrics of richness fill their hearts with warmth and happiness, and the music perfectly harmonizes with each sight and perfect touch given in it's displays is the key to a successful event.

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Month of Coordination

Have you done the majority of your planning but need a professional to run and manage your special event?  

Maybe those last minute details have caught up to you and you need an extra hand?  

Our Month of Coordinating service allows us to organize your final details and serve as the point of contact for all your vendors and guest so that you can relax a little bit more on your day knowing someone else has your event in control and taken care of.  

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Just a few small details in question for your event?  

Maybe it's in finding that perfect vendor but don't know what to ask or look for?  

Maybe its in the design layout, lighting, floral or etc?  

Maybe you have an etiquette question or some advice on how to handle a specific situation or dilemma between your guests and want to know what or how we would handle it as professionals? 

Consultation Hours- $50/Hr. Minimum of 1 Hour.  

Contact Us for details and assistance.

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